Long story cut short.
In the SP5 for NW6.5,, there is a driver included for Mylex
( mdacfsi.ham) and an updated scsi.cdm

by applying the servicepack,, you will down your server and not get it
back until you either use commandline options for SCSIHD.cdm or use an
older version..,,, That's fine..,,

But,,My case is;
applied the SP5, server went into the debugger on every restart,,
couldn't start it.

I opened an incident with Novell,, and sure thing,, there is a error
in Lsi/Mylex's Mdacfsi.ham... and,, sorry to say,, product is EOL from
LSI,, so no support or updates are made.
Solution to the problem is as described above. Back-rev or use
commandline options.

What drives me a little bit mad is to "pay" for an incident that's
caused by the servicepack. Novell's standpoint is that they do NOT
take responsibility for 3rd party drivers, even though included in the
And,, here's my objection.
EOL, not supported,, fine, no worries there,
BUT,, I was honestly under the impression that the SP's were tested
and verified "as is",, not that they themselves, with the included
drivers should cause the crash and without Novell taking any
responsibility for it.

In other words,, Servicepacks NOT in beta but actual release versions
are NOT in anyway tested with drivers,etc included,, and if you get
stuck and contact Novell, there is NO refund for the incident.
Wouldn't it be wiser NOT to include drivers if this is the case ?
Or,, if not else,, move all drivers to unsupported and make a point
both in the download and the readme that drivers are NOT verified.