I am in the process og migrating my servers to NW6.5. I have 1 NW5.1 and
3 NW5.0 servers. The 5.0 servers have sp6b and nds 7.62. The 5.1 server
has sp8 and edir I am going through the network preparation
steps in the deployment manager and have reached the Update the CA server
step. It asks to determine the server acting as the Organizational CA.
When I check this using nwadmin I double click the Organizational CA
object and get the error message: Unable to determine the server that
owns this object Error Code -603
I click OK and find the Server line blank. Also, all of the other
objects under Security have ? marks next to them. If I use ConsoleOne
all of the objects still have ? marks. I tried running pkidiag on the
5.1 server assuming that this server was the certificate server but it
returns an error that it does not resolve: A SSL CertificateIP does not
Any thoughts or ideas?