My NW 6.5.4 systems comes with MySQL 4.0.22a (or 24a). I recently
upgraded to MySQL 5.0.18 (latest currently for Novell) and I started
getting "Unknown column 'Create_view_priv' in 'field list' (1054)"
errors when trying to access my user tables in the MySQL database using
MySQL Administrator. I looked up the error on MySQL's website and they
tell you to run the mysql_fix_privilege_tables script to correct the
problem. Problem doesn't.

I've gone through and found a way around this problem. What I ended up
having to do was install the closest version of MySQL on my Windows
sytem. Then, copy the Novell's MySQL database over to the Windows
system. Load it up, then run the script on your Windows system to
perform the upgrade. Then copy the database back to the Novell MySQL
side. Everything has been working fine and I haven't had any problems.

Just posting to let people know.