I've seen the overlay cd mentioned for years but never gave it much thought until today.

I have NW65 SP5 and had to uninstall Quickfinder. Since Quickfinder is on the NW65 product CD (which is at SP1) I assume that after I install Quickfinder I'll have to reapply the SP5.

Then I thought about the overlay CDs.

If I download the overlay CDs am I correct in assuming that if I burn them to disk I will have a NW65 _plus_ the SP5 already on the CD? A new install of a Netware server would yeild a fully SP5 patched server?

Also, if I use the SP5 overlay CD to reinstall Quickfinder I won't have to worry about reapplying SP5? (since quickfinder will already be at SP5).

What if I want to apply the SP5 patch to an older server? I don't think that the overlay CD would handle this I still need to download just the service pack EXE?

So I guess, the overlay CDs are _full OS install_ and _full product install_ for SP5?

Thanks for any clarification.