4 months ago I added a 6.5sp4a server to my 5.1sp8 with
edirectory running. I also have Zenworks 3.2 sp3 running. Now I am at
a standstill. I have had no problems with my network at this time 6.5
seems to be co-existing well. Nwdeploy worked like a charm. Here are
my issues and challenges.

I have 3 servers running 5.1. Here is the topology.

mch4 server is a 5.1 server with old print queues on it.
mch7 is 5.1 server as the primary Zenworks 3.2 server with most of the
services for Zenworks running on it.
plato is 5.1 server with my NDPS running on it and it also has my CA
certificate on it.
mch8 is the new 6.5sp4a server.
I have workstations with a mixture of 4.83sp2a client and 4.901a. They
all have the Zenworks 3.2 modules running too.
This what I want to do. I want to slowly migrate my servers to the new
one adding Zenworks 7.0 along the way. I will probably keep the plato
server since it has the CA on it.

So here comes the questions:
Can I deploy Zenworks 7.0 on the new server and leave the 3.2 version on
mch7 then slowly move workstations over to 7.0 by making mch8 their home
server and upgrading their client?
If I choose to, can I move the certificate from plato to mch8?
Would it be advisable to just upgrade all the servers to 6.5 then move
the volumes and other services?
To me the biggest problem seems to be the Zenworks migration. That
looks like it will be hairy.

I would appreciate any input on this situation.