....which is exactly the difference between GMT and my timezone.

NW65 SP5, using xntp for time synchronization against an internal server that's synced to tock.usno.navy.mil.

eDir is in synch and all my servers have identical time. The strange thing is, the server time IS correct. It's only new files/folders that get created "in the future"

This happens on all volumes, using Windows, FTP, NFS, CIFS.

It just started yesterday and I've not changed anything except a few server certificates.

SET Daylight Savings Time Offset = 1:00:00
SET Start Of Daylight Savings Time = (APRIL SUNDAY FIRST 2:00:00 AM)
SET End Of Daylight Savings Time = (OCTOBER SUNDAY LAST 2:00:00 AM)
SET Time Zone = EST5EDT

This is happening on only one server.....

Thanks, Brian