Well, it looks like upgrading the master to 6.5 worked. At Novell's
advice, I waited before adding a replica to my new 6.5 server that started
this whole mess. I will try to add it tonight. Anyway, I have the
current 6.5 server which is the Master and also has an LDAP catalog on
it. I added Apache and IManager to the default install. I intend to use
this one for several drive letters that are on 5.0 servers. I have the
one I'm to add tonight. It will hold a bunch of data off a different 5.0
server. I have one more server I can upgarde to 6.5 that is a little
wimpy (1 Gig RAM). It has no data on it right now. I am thinking of
making it the SINGLE Time source and run my printers off of it. My
questions are:
1. When upgrading the master, it didn't have have an LDAP object in the
tree. I had to add one by reinstalling 5.1 LDAP. I alsway added servers
by removing DS and adding into the tree. They probably often don't have
one. Do I need to do that for each server I In-Place upgrade or is one
2. I want to use IManage at some point. Do I need to check Apache and
IManager for every server I install or will this first one host and be
able to see/manage all the other servers?
3. Will a lesser resource Server be a good choice for the print server?
In the past it didn't take much horsepower. I could add RAM, but it is a
couple years old-It even says Compaq instead of HP:-), so I'll have to
first find the proper RAM to order.

Thanks for your help!