OK, just went back and checked my initial post about any "gotchas" with
installing a NW6.5 server into a NW5.1 tree. This guy was having the same
problem (see his post below) and Novell recommended upgrading the existing
5.1 server to 6.5. If this is the only "fix" out there, will Novell give
me all my user licenses for the upgraded 5.1 to 6.5 server?


I just did this. Last weekend, I thought I had all covered with the
existing tree and added the new 6.5 server. It hiccupped on an old
Groupwise object and stuck the replica. Novell had to dial in. They
tried two more times and each time even though all checked out, it stuck.
So last night Friday, Novell had me upgrade the Master to 6.5. All went
OK. Tonight they are going to have me add the replica to the new server.
Hopefully all will go OK. They said the Master likes to be the newest in
the tree, so they suggest getting it to 6.5 first. Just a thought.