Just FYI. I did:

Down server, install new 3Com B57 NIC.

Turn on server, HDETECT found it. It gave me options of Continue and a few
other things. I chose Continue.

I then ran INETCG, which hadn't been run before, and it told me it wanted to
transfer all the commands from autoexec.ncf. I said OK.

When the reserver restarted, no evidence whatsoever of my new NIC.

Not what I'd call user-friendly <sigh>. Subsequent attempts to load the
driver, add the NIC through INETCG, etc., were fraught with server crashes.
I'm wading through it all now and hope to have something working.

That's all, folks - comments and suggestions invited, as always. Seems to
me, e.g., if I should have run INETCFG before adding the new hardware,
HDETECT or something else could have told me that.