I am configuring a server that will be a BorderManager server at some point
in the near future. Installed from NW65SP4a overlays.

I currently have a private-side NIC that shows in INETCFG as

Board Name = CE1000_1

that I would like to rename to PRIVATE. I also have a second NIC installed
that I would to rename to PUBLIC.

INETCFG tells me, under Network Interface, that only configured boards can
be renamed, but when I hit Enter to configure the board, it tells me No
Further Configuration is Required

How do I rename my boards?

Further, if I REINIT SYSTEM, it gives me a pile of errors about not being
able to unload TCPIP, spends a long time in the logger screen at "BCALLSRV
initializing" and I'm still nowhere. It then tells me Time sync has been
lost in the logger screen, FWIW.