Our current SLP implementation is running well. We have 2 central DAs. But when WAN links go down the DA's can't be reached and workstation logins take a l o n g time. DNS is central too, so the server name doesn't resolve.

I've found that running SLPDA.NLM on the remote server cures this. The server doesn't have a full configuration for being a DA - i.e. it has no SLP DA object specified in its object's SLP tab. So I'm assuming what's happening is the server is capable of responding to clients' multicasts for the ndap: service for their context.

My question is whether or not to keep SLPDA.NLM running all the time on our remote servers. It seems like the rest of the SLP system woudln't be bothered by this, but I wanted to hear your opinions!

Thanks in advance!