I had this problem start at 4pm yesterday on our main file server. No
patches or config changes have been made. NW 6.5 sp4a.

File access is abysmal. If you open anything, a folder, file what have
you, from the moment you click it and attempt to do anything else, right
click, hit control c, hit delete, it's about a 12-15 second delay, and
then it goes right away.

If I drag a 1GB file to the server, it will sit for approximately 15
seconds and do nothing, and then the file will start to transfer and is
done in about 20 seconds. It's not a bandwidth issue, once the transfer
goes it's fast. It's the initial connect.

Server has been rebooted. DS has been repaired (, utilization
is single digits. I've moved it to a different switch port and replaced
the cable. It appears to only be this server.

Anyone have a suggestion?