We have a tree that was 5.1/ds7.62c. Last weekend with Novell's help, we
upgraded the Master to 6.5/Edir8.7.3.7. We also added a new 6.5 server
with their help. They have suggested I upgrade all servers to 6.5/Edir
before adding our other location. I can do it this weekend. I can have
the system Friaday and Saturday nights, but they need to function on
Saturday Day. My question is how many should I plan on upgrading per
night? I have four to do. They are all pretty powerful. The oldest is 1-
2 years old. They have ~90 Gig, ~30 Gig, ~50 Gig and ~5 Gig of data if
that matters. None are currently running NSS volumes if that matters.
They all have 4 Gig of RAM except the little one which has 2 Gig. Should
I only plan on one per night and 2 weekends or is it likely that you can
do 2 per night? 2 of them hold ds replicas, but since the tree's schema
has already been expanded, I don't imagine that will matter. What do you
folks think? Thanks for your help.