I posted this reply, but I guess it got lost in mix. As I say below,
NETBIOS is enabled on all W2k workstations. It appears that NETBIOS got
disabled somehow on the server that runs DHCP. How can I re-enable NETBIOS
so it pushes NETBIOS info out to the workstations?



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Thanks for you input, but NETBIOS is enabled on all workstations (W2K-
SP4). When you do an ipconfig /all...it gives all of the system IP
info...but NETBIOS shows as Disabled for the server info. That's why I
need to know how ENABLE NETBIOS on the Netware server. Can anyone help me
with that?


> david@work.com Wrote:
> > I have a small environment...2 NW65-SP5, 8 W2k-SP4 servers...15
> > printers,
> > 65 users (W2K-SP5).
> >
> > I use DHCP on one of my Netware servers to push out IP and config info.
> > It
> > shows the NETBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled. DNS (internal but then
> > forwarded to our ISP) and WINS is internal. How can I enable it. Where
> > can
> > I look on the NW box? My workstations need it. Or am I looking in the
> > wrong place.
> >
> > -david

> You can push out NETBIOS configuration information through DHCP, but
> when NETBIOS is disabled, you first need to enable it on the
> workstations before you can use it. On newer Windows versions, Netbios
> is disabled by default.
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