I am planning on trying to use the migration wizard to move the users and
data from an old 3.12 server to a 6.5 server. I notice that the migration
wizard 8.1 that comes with NW6.5/OES does not support 3.x migrations
anymore so you need to use migration wizard 6.5.

I have a 6.5 SP5 pre-migration server set up and I have made matching
volume names that are on the existing 3.x server. The wizard looks like
it will move over the accounts hopefully with passwords intact to new NDS
(edirectory) tree but from what I see the data loses its trustee
assignments when you move them according to the messages I have seen in
the wizard - just the data moves over. Is this true and do I have to re-
create the assignments somehow? There are not that many users so going it
one by one is not impossible.

I have not really done the migration yet so I'd like to know how much
trouble I'd be getting into before really doing this.

Thanks -