Hopefully this will show up(on Google) in the thread started about 13
months back ;0(

After one year it looks like I may just be getting a server to replace
my current Novell 3.12, that runs on some "screaming" pentium something
or other, and has one IDE drive, about 7 years old LOL.

Looking at a PowerEdge 830 that will bet set up as Raid 1 (mirror),
using SATA drives (sorry Barry).

Having, from Dell, the Novell 6.5 upgrade for existing 10 user license
pack. The 3.12 had a 10 user license, and *usually* just one or two
clients accessing the server at a given time, but eight different
computers will have clients installed.

If it finally goes through I'll let yah all know how the 3.12 -> 6.5
conversion goes.

Oh yes, will I still to purchase 10 e-licenses or is that part of the
license pack? The user nomenclature has me scratching my head, or is
that just my dandruff acting up again?