Hello all. I'm performing an over-ther-wire migration of a Netware 5.0 sp6
server to Netware 6.5 sp5 (Netware 6.5 Overlay CDs) server (Dell PE2800,
205gb, 2gb RAM)

I installed NICI 1.5.7 to the 5.0 server, and performed the over-the-wire
migration with Novell's Migration Wiz 8.1. However, after the migration,
and I rebooted the target server (with new name, e-dir, and IP address of
the source server) I ran from the OS cd on the workstation DeployNoBrowser
to install the products such as apache, tomcat, iManager, NRM, LDAP,
Certificate Server.

However, Certificate Server is where I'm having my problem. Just after it
copies in the Certificate Server files, and it begins installing Certificate
Server 2.76, it fails with a -1497 error, can't create all the PKI objects.

I've searched Novell's site for TIDs, but can't find anything relevent (I
believe) to this situation. I've found TIDs regarding re-applying .NFK
files in a Netware 5.0 environment, but I'm not sure they're relevent to a
6.5 server.

However, I _DID_ look at my sys:system\nici directory, and I've found a
curiousity. The nicisdi.key is 0-bytes.

Can someone help me rectify this problem so I can correctly install
Certificate Services and LDAP?

Thank you all!!