First of all: all (near all) NSS rebuild and repair features require a
keyboard NON USB, or the menu crash/locks ( impossible to run if the pc has
only usb port and no more ps2 ).

After this first <pleasure>, i've not EVER seen nss rebuild or repair doing
ANYTHING, during the last 15 years i've seen vrepair work to TRY to repair
something, during EVERY single harddisk crash. Maybe it did not do much,
but it tried.

Now i've some ask ( but i no more need the answer, 'cause i'm going to
install linux and drop netware ).

I can't install netware if the basic partition isn't fat32, 'cause it said
dos can't access it, but if exit the install cdrom it tells THERE'S NO DOS
"under it".

I can't create a partition to add sys volume, if it's missing
(crashed/deleted), 'cause after creating the partition it TELL ME IT CANT
LOG TO NDS, so it create it, but THEN IT DELETE IT, 'cause of missing nds:
i can only reinstall it, but 'cause of fat32 i should drop this idea.

I cant install from NWCONFIG, 'cause i have no SYS volumes, and CANT CREATE
IT, i think it expects i run CONSOLE One and MAYBE A WEB SERVER, with
apache a NAS, 2 San and 2teraflop CLUSTER to create the partition.

It seems "like installing windows server, during a blaster attack".

It tooks me 12 days to find a disk repair company able to recover netware
NSS partitions, they can do it within 10 more dayz : our customers are
ASKING WHY we use netware, i have no more answers after 15 years.