I am installing Zenworks 6.5 onto a Netware 6.5 SP5 server. The client
machine I am installing from is Windows XP with ConsoleOne installed.

The steps I choose in the wizard are:
Desktop Management -> English -> Desktop Management Services
At this point a new wizard pops up titled "ZENWorks Desktop Management
Server Installation":
1) Next
2) (Accept license agreement)
3) Next
4) Choose "NWTESTTREE" as the tree
"Extend eDirectory schema" checked
Login with admin/<password>
5) no license code entered (just doing eval)
6) Click "Add servers"
expand NWTESTTREE -> netwaringthin and choose "NETWARING-THIN"
click right arrow button
click OK
check "Desktop Management Services Snap-ins" and otherwise keep
default selections
for both the XP client and Netware server
"Prerequisite check" is checked
7) Receive warning "If the selected servers have the Remote Management
component of
ZENWorks for Server 3.0.2 or earlier installed, you must
upgrade the component to
ZENWorks 6.5 Server Management. For more information..."
Click OK.
8) Installation volume/drive set to "SYS:\"
9) Installation summary screen...
10) Receive error message "The schema extension failed."
Click "View the Log"

Log contents are as follows:
04/03/06 09:24:10 am -- ZENworks Schema Extension Summary for

04/03/06 09:24:10 am -- Processing ..\..\schema\schema.txt
04/03/06 09:24:10 am -- ERROR: Unable to extend schema for ZEN 3.0.
Error code: -65904/03/06 09:24:10 am -- ERROR: There was a problem
extending the schema. There may be a problem with your directory. Use
NWConfig to diagnose and repair any problems, then re-run the schema

When I try to correct the warning in step (7) by installing ZENWorks
for Server, I have to extend the schema first, and when I try to do
that I get the error "Schema extension NOT successful".

I can provide screenshots if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any help. I have been banging my head against
this problem for a while now.