I have a new server with NW6.5sp5 with only Apache2/Tomcat4, DNS/DHCP
and iManager 2.5 installed.
I plan to use this server for GW 6.5 WebAccess.
I have changed the Apache2 web server listen ports to something other
than 80 and 443.
I would like to install a second instance of Apache/Tomcat and run it in
it's own memory space on ports 80 and 443. I would use this for GW

How do I install the second instance of Apache/Tomcat? I have not been
able to find this info.

I have done this a number of years ago with Apache 1.28 on NW6, but I
can't remember any of the details. (It's probably all different now

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
Chris Frick, MSc, MCP, MCNE
Systems Administrator
Thames Valley Children's Centre
London, Ontario