I am adding a new NetWare 6.5 server into a tree that has three NetWare
5.1 servers with eDir 8.6.2. When I try to extend the schema with the
Deployment Manager I get the error "Extend Schema returned the error
code 113" This happens with any part of the schema extension.
Everything else with Deployment Manager up to that part works fine.

I had this happen before on a test system upgrade and just ignored it.
I was able to then install the new NetWare server into the tree without
a problem. Now when I try to install a new NetWare server into the
production tree it fails. I think these problems are related.

I have run dsrepair on one of the servers with no significant errors.
I don't know if this matters, but two of the servers are in another
location and on another subnet. The three existing servers replicate,
but the new server may be having a problem seeing two of the servers in
the tree. All three servers have read/write replicas on them.

Any suggestions?