Hello all.

I need to remove the above server from my tree but I have a little
twist. The 4.11 server hosts an old time and billing software package
that we still need to access once in a while so I would like to keep it
running. However it is starting to cause time sync issues and I suspect
from that, licensing issues. When I first upgraded one server to SBS 6.0
sp5 and added a second server SBS6.0 sp5 server and kept the 4.11 server
running I was warned that this was not a supported configuration and
that sooner or later the 4.11 server would have to go. Looks like it's

What I would like to do is remove it from the current tree and set it up
on it's own tree, and keep it physically connected to the lan so that
the one or two users who need access can sign into it when needed. Is
this possible? Are there any issues with running two trees on the same

Scott Schaffer

Scott Schaffer
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller