I have the following 3 old servers plus 1 new one listed last:

NW 5.1/SP8 SERV_B 192.168.x.1
NW 6.5/SP4 SERV_C 192.168.x.2
NW 6.5/SP4 SERV_D 192.168.x.3

NW 6.5/SP4a SERV_E 192.168.x.5

I have a static DA on x.x.x.2. When I DISPLAY SLP SERVICES I see the same
35 services on each server. I can log onto each server with no problem.

However, in DSREPAIR:

Run on SERV_D

..SERV_E 10552.79 -1 Secondary Yes
..SERV_C ditto 0 Single Yes
..SERV_B ditto 0 Secondary Yes
..SERV_D ditto 0 Secondary

dsrepair on SERV_E:
..SERV_D ditto 0 Secondary Yes
..SERV_E ditto -1 Secondary Yes

IOW, Serv_E only sees the SERV_D, which is the Master. If, on the Master, I
View Replica Rings, I see SERV_B and SERV_C with Read/Write but no SERV_E.

I think I need to add a replica to SERV_E but, for the life of me, cannot
figure out how to do it. Assistance greatly appreciated, and thanks in