I have been having problems with upgrading my 5.1 servers to 6.5 related
to PKI which was apparently never set up in the past on my servers.
Anyway, I found some TID about reinstalling Certificate server and ldap
from the 5.1 overlay cd and it would create them. I tried it tonight on a
barely used server and it worked. I then upgraded to 6.5. My question
is, at one point the server said it was doing Phase 4 of 5 nds migration
and it said checking files and a lot of strange file names flashed by.
Are these literally every file on the server? If so, how long is this
going to take on something like the Groupwise server when I get to it
where there millions of files? Am I misinterpreting this screen? Has
anyone done a massive bloated Groupwise server upgrade to netware 6.5? I
was looking at adding a NW6.5 server when the old ones are upgraded and
then only moving people after they cleaned up their mailbox, but if it
looks through every file, it may kill my server first! Any thoughts?