I am running a network with NetWare 5.1 sp8 . A tax programme (Sage
Taxation Suite - for the UK) has changed its database and now will only
work on either Windows XP (on a peer to peer basis) or on Windows 2003. I
have to upgrade as of course the tax rates change each year!

Can I run Windws 2003 on the same network? Can it be integrated into NDS?
It would be most convenient if I could map a drive to this server for
those users (about 6 out of 35) who need this application.

Also another programme I wish to buy - Filemaker - also only runs on XP
as a peer to peer or on Windows 2003.
Is there a TID which tells me how to install this.

I am shortly to upgrade to NW6.5 but I suspect this will not affect the
setting up of another server on the network.