We have a 2 server nw65sp4a environment. We are going to test a
disaster recovery plan. We currently have a contract for a standby
functional equivalent as to module/type of HP server, which will replace
our main server. We have previously tested restoring that server when
it was in a single server environment under NW51 via NW reinstall,
backup reinstall and restore off the previous evening's backup tape.

This year's test is now with NW65sp4 and a 2nd HP ML370G2 server. We
have reviewed several of the TID's regarding reinstalling crashed servers.

What is the best TID, procedures to use, once we have rebuilt our first
server and restored from the backup tape, to setup and reconfigure the
2nd server, so it will function as the original second server.

Some questions are:

a) can we have backup server (say old system) prebuilt/configured so we
can expedite the process and more quickly restore the data from the
backup tape. Specifically, we want to have the server come back looking
like the crashed/destroyed (disaster) server.

b) what is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks, Cliff.