I would like to know if the following server is Novell Netware certified
(NW6.5 SP2):

IBM xSeries 226
3 HD 73Gb

Because last time we found several problems with the RAID
According to IBM is well Novell certified, but Novell says nothing about it.

We used the following release:
BIOS => 7.12.02
FW => 7.12.02
DevDr=> 7.12.02

The problem is that after several weeks suddenly one of the HD appears as
defunct. We replace it, and everithing is fine, but again after some weeks
the same or another HD goes defunct. This happened in several servers all of
them IBM x226. I do not think that this is normal in brand new machines.
This is not all, we have a RAID 5 configuration in all of them,
theoretically this means that if one of the HD fails the machine goes on
with the other 2 HD, but if for one or some other reason the server has to
be rebooted, it fails, event if we replace the bad disk for a new one.
Does anybody have some suggestions?
Thanks in advance,