I am primarily a windows/unix support technician, but have been working with
a Novell consultant who informed me that we should upgrade a Novell server
from Netware 6.0 to SP 5. Upon attempting the update, I received several
abends - all pertaining to the JAVA.NLM, so I then java -killadd,
java -show, and (seeing nothing remaining), java -exit. I run the SP
installation again, and this time, I get to 59% complete, and it errors out
and kicks me back to a prompt (no abends, and I can't find any errors). I
try to down the server, but it freezes after displaying "NLSTRAP.NLM
unloaded" on the console screen and JSOCK modules unloaded on the logger
screen. So, I have to hard boot the system. It comes back on, I
double-check the JAVA again, and then run the update. This time, the update
completes properly (or at least hits 100%). However, I had selected "Don't
reboot at end of install", and when I went to type "down" - it gave me the
same problem as above with the NLSTRAP.NLM unload, then froze. However,
hard drive activity went on for about an hour, so I left it running. After
an hour, the hard drive quit buzzing around, so I left it overnight to see
if it would go ahead and shut down - it never did, it was at the same screen
when I got in the next morning.

At the conclusion of the update, there was a warning not to use the restart
server command, or updates wouldn't be applied to server. I'm concerned
that since I had to hard-power cycle the computer, that maybe this is part
of the problem.

I have also manually unloaded the NLSTRAP.NLM and THEN typed DOWN - same
results, the console just freezes up and I have to power cycle the machine.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I simply don't know where
to go from here.