I'm getting a lot of requests for the Small Business Starter pack, and
I want to be able to do quick, patterned installs to make this
efficient. I read up on the Response File Generator, and have
successfully done the following, getting from new hardware to installed
server in about 20 minutes:

1.) Copy both CD's to my NetWare server in a directory (NSBS66)
2.) Run Response File Generator from deployment manager and select the
packages I want.
3.) Put login info to my server in this response file so it can
reconnect during the install.
4.) Put 90-day eval S.P. License in /NSBS66/LICENSE and configure that
in the R.F.G.
5.) Boot server with my NW DOS Client32 CD, select proper driver and
login to my server.
6.) CD /NSBS66, run INSTALL.BAT and press F3 at the welcome screen,
specify my RSP file.
7.) The rest of the installation is completely automatic, server even
reboots at the end of the install. As long as I remove my Boot CD
after the install starts, when I come back, the server is up!

The only problems I'm having are these:
1.) TimeZone String is not correctly set in AUTOEXEC.NCF. I select "US
Central, Enable DST" in the R.F.G. However, what I get in the
SET Time Zone = CST

What I should get is:
SET Daylight Savings Time Offset = 1:00:00
SET Start Of Daylight Savings Time = (APRIL SUNDAY FIRST 2:00:00 AM)
SET End Of Daylight Savings Time = (OCTOBER SUNDAY LAST 2:00:00 AM)
SET Time Zone = CST6CDT

It's missing all of the DST stuff, hence during the summer my timesync
never works properly!

Also the Bindery Context in AUTOEXEC is wrong (not that this is a huge
deal) but it writes:

set Bindery Context = STL

when it should write:

set Bindery Context = O=STL

2.) The Small Business package (NSBS2) doesn't get installed. In fact,
when you run the Response File Generator, the package selection doesn't
list any of the SBS stuff, e.g. GroupWise, Collaboration Server, etc.
I can manually add the NSBS2 package after install, but I'm unsure what
else may be getting left off.

Any ideas on how to fix/tweak this? It's working beautifully
otherwise. I'd have to think there is another text file I could tweak
to get the SBS stuff installed. The packages are listed in both
RESPONSE.TXT and the DEFAULT.RSP in the deployment mgr.

Any help appreciated!