I have some trouble with a NW6.5 SP5 server (named S1) and I'd like to
replace it with another server. I also have a second server running Zenworks
(named S2). Which is the best way to replace this "Troubleserver"? I think
about installing a new server into the existing edirectory tree with another
name (e.g. S3) and migrate all data from the old to the new server. So far
so good, but what do I have to do with the Zenworks Server? All applications
are on the S1 Server. When I migrate all data from S1 to S3 all the names of
the paths are incorrect. Could I solve the problem by renaming the S3 server
to S1 after the data migration and erase all edirectory objects from "old"

Which is the best way to change servers?