I would like to know what the best way (minimal changes and downtime) is
to upgrade my 2 node 5.1 cluster in a box server to a single nw 6.5 server
with local storage.

this is what i got:
old cluster:
a compaq cl380 server with netware 5.1 and two cluster nodes.
node 1 : fs2 ( nw 5.1
node 2 : fsmi ( nw 5.1
cluster data: cl_data1_server (

new server:
dl380 with 6 300gb disk in a raid 1+0
nw 6.5

i want the new server to have ip adress And i wanted to name the
server fs1. i want to create a volume data1 on this server and restore the
data from the cl_data1_server\data1: to fs1\data1: . When this is complete
i want to remove the cluster objects in the nds and remove the old nw 5.1

Is this possible, i think there are some problems with the duplicate ip
address and the edir.