Here's the situation. Say you do a Netware 6.5SP5 overlay installatopm
from downloaded iso's, onto a new server and something just isn't
working correctly. You want to start completely from scratch again and
see if the problem goes away.

In this situation, should you make sure you manually erase the sys:
volume and it's contents? (say with the SmartStart "erase server"
command, for example).

The reason I ask is that I have, on more than one occasion, had new
installations of NW6.5 that had some utility that _just didn't work_.
Relevant (and not so relevant) TIDs were tried without result, tests and
traces always came back negative, many helpful suggestions from this
newsgroup were tried, uninstallations and reinstallations (followed by
the full battery of TIDs, testing, and newgroup suggestions again) to no
effect. Finally, I would end up botting with the overlay Cds and
completely recreating the server, only to be disapointed that the
_same error_ that no one has seen before and has resisted all attempts
to solve.

In my case it was one server that just would not load iManager under
any circumstance, and another server that could not get succesful LDAP
connections when I tried to us Imanager to manage Simple/Universal

I was thinking about this this morning, and realized that unlike
windows, which clearly shows you that it's reformating to boot
partition, NW installation doesn't really tell me that they are
recreating the Sys: volume. Could they just be reusing the existing
partitions? Might explain a few things.

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA