I am currently doing what I consider a rather unauthodox migration of a
3 server 6.5sp3 replica ring to new hardware. I have completed this
successfully in the past migrating from Dell PowerEdge 2550 to 1750
boxes. After a little tweaking of the RAID controller driver got the
boxes back up - That was about 2 years ago.

Today in preparation for a migration to 2850's I have basically followed
the same Portlock procedure I did two years ago, except I cannot get my
volumes to mount after deploying the image. The PEDGE3.HAM loads (Perc
4e/Di). Scanning for Devices & Partitions, OS finds RAID 5 container
(logger screen confirms this), but ends in this (logger screen)

NICI CCS: Fatal - Initialization error.
Controlled Cryptographic Services are not available

....and the colon prompt on the System Console

I know the slot number is correct for my PEDGE3.HAM, if I Alt-Esc to the
System Console and load the PEDGE3.HAM it detects slot 10015. My
STARTUP.NCF reflects this too.

Mount SYS gives
"There are no accessible disk drives with NetWare Partitions. Check to
see that the needed disk drivers have been loaded, and that your disk
drives are properly connected and powered on. Volume SYS could not be
mounted. Some or all volume segments cannot be located. If this is an
NSS volume, the pool may need to be activated using the command nss

That last command yields - "Pool SYS not found".

Any ideas?