I am working on a new BM server, NW65/SP4a. I installed the TCPIP files
from TCP661e.exe on it, the [D]omestic versions.

I have two other 6.5 servers in my tree, both on SP4, both using null
encryption as installed by the SP.

I also have a 5.1/SP8 server, again haven't done anything special with
it regarding TCPIP.

I don't know what, if anything, else I ought to do, e.g.

-> Should I be using the D version on all server from their original SP
(from the TCPIP folder)?

-> Should I apply TCP661e to all my 6.5 servers but keep the null
version on the non-BM machines?

-> Should I do anything to the 5.1 server? (It is the current BM server
but will be taken down when the new one is finished.)

All 4 servers are running Edir 8738 as of yesterday as well. I'd also
appreciate knowing which of the above fall into the "you really ought to
do this right now" category and which are "it would be nice but you may
not find it necessary" category - and if I've done anything wrong as

Thanks very much in advance.