Since our Org. CA was created in 2000 under NW4.11 or NW5.0 (and thus, not exportable), I will need to recreate it even though we are currently using NW6SP5. (Let me know if that was an incorrect statement).

We plan on installing a new, NW65SP5 server into the tree, deleting the current Organizational CA, and then recreate it on the NW65SP5 server. (At this point, we will have roughly 40 NW6SP5 servers and the new NW65SP5 server in the tree). The install of Certificate Server much is pretty straight forward and will create a new Organizational CA. What concerns me the most are the steps, if any, that I need to take after creating the Organizational CA.

- Do I need to do anything with the LDAP Server and LDAP Group objects?
- How about the SSL Certificate DNS/IP object? Should I just run PKIDIAG on each of the NW6SP5 server to sync those objects with the new Org. CA? (same thing for the DNS AG and IP AG objects?)
- How about the SAS Service objects?

Is there a TID that will walk me through this installation (or recreation) process including post-installation? I have read TID10060118, but that one does not list NW65. Is that TID still applicable to my situation?

thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or advice.

Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission