We are going to move our users files (several nss volumes) from an older
server to a newer one and from my testing it looks like it will take 46
hours to copy 180 GBytes.

This is about 1/2 the raw copy speed (using dos) from the old server to a
fast PC. Is there any tuning or configuration that can be done to speed this

Old server : NW 65 sp3, Proliant ml370 G3, 4 GBytes ram, Raid 5 10Krpm
drives, Gigabit nic.
New sever :NW 65 sp5, Proliant ml370 G4, 6 GBytes ram, raid 5 15 Krpm
drives, Gigabit nic.

They are connected via a fast HP procurve 4108 switch.

For my testing I did not disable logins so there were about 161 users logged
in on the old server. CPU activity approx. 10 % before any coping.