Upgrade from NetWare 5.1 to 6.5 and Tomcat wont start so I can't get to
iManager to install the License File.

Here is what I did:
- Upgraded from 5.1 to 6.5 SP2 Overlay CD becuase this is what I had
onsite at the time. Loaded StartX and ran the upgrade.
- After the upgrade everything came up except for Tomcat.
- Fixed the errors in PKIDIAG
- Verified through ConsoleOne the certificate is valid
- Ran the tce utility to create the .keystore file
- Ensured NLDAP was running, ensured the SAS.XML and other file I saw on
another post.
- I can ping localhost

Still unable to get it to work.

Things to note:
- At one time they had two different trees on different networks with the
same tree name. When they merged the networks together they found a
problem with the same tree names of course so following a Novell TID they
successfully changed the name of the Tree.
- The CA is on a server that I didn't upgrade, so it is still running
5.1, didn't want to screw up the whole network so doing one server at a

Any suggestions? I'm thinking the problem isn't with Tomcat more with
the past history of the server and the upgrade is exposing its past
changes. The server is functional, I just didn't have the license key
when I installed the server and now I have it so I would like to make it
legal. But regardless iManager isn't running which I will be needing for
this and other works...

Thanks in Advance for any help...