We are starting to upgrade our NW5.1/sp6 servers, eDir, to 6.5 OES/SP1 and have seen the same error now on the first two servers:

After the initial NW65OS and PRODUCTS CD files are copied and the server reboots, it comes up to the blue 'C-worthy' screen. That's where we get several 'purple' error screens stating:
"Error: "An attempt to create a record for product <product name> in the product database failed. Error: 2. (nwconfig-5-354)"

I've read the TIDs about Btrieve and/or Products.dat being corrupt and replacing them, using Prodsync with or without MENU and/or manually adding entries, but none seem to work. The Products file comes up empty and nothing can be added to it, manually or otherwise.

Further, when the update does complete, a series of UNRESOLVED and PUB EXISTS errors appear when PSCORE.NLM and PSCL.NLM.

Has anyone gone through this and found an reason/solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we don't want to upgrade anymore servers until we get this resolved. Thank you.