I put this in the abends section but maybe it really belongs here. I am
having a problem adding a new server to our tree. I am using NW60.
(3 servers in each of 3 offices) I have concluded it abends at the point
where the certificate server objects are being installed because when I go
back into the tree the LDAP objects for the new server have been created .
These are created just before certificates I think.
Last fall I did remove the 1st NW5 (edirectory) server I put into the
tree and recalled it was an important move before I did so. I reassigned
the Organizational CA over to another server and followed Scenario #1 in
TID 10056795 I believe. I've not tried to put a new server on since the
removal. I dont seem to have any other problems.
What is the possibility that I might render a server inoperable or damage
the tree if I try to post-install only Certificate Server on the Server
which is now the Organizational CA? I'm afraid I'll abend that one too?
And its highly utilized. Can I delete all the certificates and manually
create them with Console One? We only have about 12, the ones created
during server installs.