Hi to all,
I have a mixed 5.1/6.5 tree
Last night I did put a replica on the first 6.5 server.
Seems O.K.
This morning (7 hours ago) I tried to remove a replica from a 5.1 server.
NDS Manager still says dying. And there is a new message, I receive this
message every 5 minutes.

Nachricht von Server DSD_SRV_1:
Freitag, 28. April 2006 14:24:57 erhalten (2 dieser Nachrichten erhalten):

NLSLSP.NLM: Warning: Unable to write license usage information to NDS.
Historical usage information may be incomplete. Check "[Root]" partition
synchronization status. Service will continue. DSD_SRV_1.ROK.IGR
who can help please?