Upgrade a Netware 6.0 SP5 server to OES Netware.

This server is our SLP DA and our DHCP Server.

Problem is with SLP DA. This used to work prior to the upgrade.

Symptoms after the upgrade:

SLPDA Loads with the following message:
Loading Module SLPDA.NLM [ OK

5-02-2006 10:37:46 pm: SLP-2.12-0
SLP activated v2 DA SLP LOOPBACK

The following command below results in:

LS1:display slpda

SLP LOOPBACK : v2 : ACTIVE : SCOPE1 : IANA : 10 : 0ms

Total Active: 1 Total Inactive: 0

The results above were done on our DA Server. SLP.CFG was checked and
verified not to contain any references to the DA. All lines are remarked

Typing display slpda from other servers that are part of this SCOPE1 scope
results in the following:

Total Active: 0 Total Inactive: 0

What are we missing, and what can we do to fix this problem as soon as

Desperately need help!