> I have installed NW 6.5 eval SP5 on a server to test features and plan
> for a migration from NW4.11 SP9. The home directory feature in Apache
> would be one of the reasons we would upgrade. I found that when I
> created a user with nwadmin on 6.5 server, the uniqueID attribute was
> not created (TID 10093667). Since all my users that were created on the
> 4.11 server won't have this attribute will it be added when I migrate or
> will I have to recreate my users(1000+) or is there a simple way to add
> the attribute? Thanks

I don't think you will need this attribute except maybe for some LDAP
binds/queries. However it is an easy task to add, as it is always equal to
the CN attribute. You could use LDIF export to get the CN and import back
in using the CN value as the unique ID value.