New Server Dell PE2850. Trying to install NW6SP5 to this new server. I
am using the overlay cd that I downloaded today from Novell's website.
I have also downloaded the newest PEDGE3 drivers from dell. This
server has the Perc 4e/Di card. During the install when selecting the
default drivers for all devices detected, and doing a
Customer/Newserver install at the Sys properties I have to create it as
a traditional volume (because the server I am migrating is in that
state) and once it begins to copy the files for the SYS I get this
System Fault Screen: System halted: Abend on P00: Page Fault Processor
Exception (Error Code 00000000) OS Version: Novell Netware 5.60.05 May
27,2004 Debug symbols are enabled! Running Process: Server 1 Process
Stack:...then a list of letters and numbers
Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in Server.nlm. The
problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a
process owned by Server.nlm
After getting this message and restarting the installation, this time I
deleted the IDEATA drivers per the txt file instructions for installing
the PEDGE3 driver and once the PEDGE3 driver gets loaded then and I
accept the defaults for the rest of the storage devices, I get an error
that the system cannot find the CDRom. The only way I have been able
to get it to see the CDRom was to go back and then add the IDEATA
driver and then again when I get to the SYS file copy screen I get the
same Abend message that I described above.
Any suggestions to correct this would be so greatly appreciated...