We need to upgrade one of our Netware 6 servers in the tree from NICI
2.01 to NICI 2.4.2 + as it has a 56 bit NICI key and all the other
servers are 168 bit, and we need to also get it ready for UP implementation.

As this server is a major replica holder we would like to revoke the 56
bit key so it can be referred to for Simple password referencing.

Do I

a) Apply NICI 2.6.8 to the server and then revoke the 56 bit key (with

or b) Revoke the 56 bit key prior to the NICI upgrade.

or c) Not bother revoking the old key as the upgrade process does that
for you (ie populates 168 bit key and revokes the 56 bit key)