I am going to do a hardware upgrade using the Migration Wizard v8.1 but
I have got myself a little confused - so I turn to the vast knowledge
found here!

background - the source server is NW6.5 sp4 that is running in a 3 node
cluster. Qlogic fiber cards and Powerpath software are utilized to
connect to our SAN. Cluster services do not start up on a boot - I do
that by hand. This box does have 2 local volumes that are not part of
the cluster in addition to the SYS volume.

The destination server has been created using the "pre-migration" option
and is working well in it's temporary tree (NW6.5 sp4 also).

I intend to follow these steps:

1 - disable/unload all applications on the source server

2 - "cluster leave" and unload the cluster service stuff on the source
server (uldncs.ncf)

3 - perform migration

4 - when destination server comes up and appears to work ok as a
standalone box, I will remove the fiber cards from the old source server
and plug them into the new hardware.

5 - attempt to join cluster on new hardware.

question #1 - do I want to migrate the SYS volume from the source to the
destination box? If I do that will all the various products I have on
the source migrate over ok? I'm confused because I have read in the
Migration Wizard docs that I will have to reinstall the applications on
the destination server once the migration is done. That implies to me
that either I do not want to migrate the SYS volume or if I do then the
various applications do not copy correctly.

question 2 - does anyone see a problem with the outlined method above?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Wayne Fee
Academic Computing Services
Appalachian State University