I have 3 servers in my network (File, GroupWise, and BorderManager). The
BM and File server are right now running 5.0 latest service pack. I just
migrated the GroupWise server to OES. I noticed in C1 that the Security
container does not have the KAP and W0 object. Furthermore, before I
upgraded the GW server, my network did not have a CA.

After the upgrade I made the GW server the CA. Should I load one of the
programs (IE NMAS) that will create a KAP and W0 object before I migrate
the other servers?

I am also thinking about making the File server the CA (because I think it's
more secure because it doesn't have access through the firewall) but since I
currently don't have a KAP and W0 object in security right now, will it cause
any problems if I migrate the File server first and then delete the CA from
the GW server, make the File server the CA, and then load the programs
that "should" create the KAP and W0 objects?