SBS 6.5.5 fully patched, but was having some memory concerns, so applied
Hamish Spier's memcalc.nlm in auto mode. The problem arises when the
backup, using sbcon, etc., runs at nght, abends the computer. I ran
memcalc.nlm again manually and at the place where it recommends settings
it has a boX entitled SYS:SYSTEM\SMSSTART.NCF, in which it is written
TSAFS Switch. However, there are no Current or Recommended settings for
it. Anyone know how to configure this for the backup process? I assume
it has to do with setting a higher override, but I have no idea whther
it is the UAS or NLM HighWaterMark (or both), or the NLM or DS Footprint
(or both), and most importantly how to determine what those overrides
need to be.