I am migrating a Nw51sp7 to a Nw65sp3 server. After succesfully migrating
the server to netware 65sp3, I follow the Post migration steps to check all
is good, seems to be all ok.

These are the steps I used to migrate the server:
1. Install Netware 6.5 o/s with Sp3 on new server, also install the
following patches N65NSS3A and NW65OS3A
2. Selecting the Pre-Migration Template server to install
3. Run migration wizard version 8.0
4. Test login to new server after migration
5. Copy Rootcert.der from Sys.mig\public to sys:\public
6. Run Tckeygen
7. Run Startx install products - LDAP service, Tomcat, Apache, Imanager,
DNS/DHCP, Console 1.3.6
8. Run Imanager Install Licenses.

I have trouble with steps 5 and 6 running TCKEYGEN this file does not exist
and when I download the file from the novell website and copy it in the
sys:system folder is spits out errors.
Another question I would like to raise is whats the best way to copy the
certificate file to the new server, for step 5.

I seem to be getting stuck with this steps 5 and 6, if these dont work I
will have trouble with all web service working. Can someone guide me on
getting these working.

Much Appreciated