I am running an older version of the GWPOA on one of my servers. 6.05.1 I
think. I realize I am behind on the patches but we have upgrades planned
this summer. I recently went to 6.5sp5 on this server and since then the
GroupWise backup will not work. I load the GWTSA and the backup software
doesnt see anything under the GroupWise system to backup. I then
upgraded to tsa5up19 and that didnt resolve the problem. I tried the new
tsafwgw but that errors out on me. I went back to tsa5up18 and now I can
backup my post office again. I ran a successful backup last night. It
really seems that my gwpoa is too old to support the new SMS and GW backup

My question is what are the risks if any of running this older SMS on my
SP5 server?

Thanks in advanced.