after I run my server with an onboard raid controller I'd like to upgrade
them with an Adaptec 2410SA SATA RAID Controller. I have two buit in discs
running a RAID 1 system. I tried to test this situation on my test server
with no success so far. Here's the szeanario:

After I built in the new Adaptec controller I restarted the server and after
booting NW65SP5 started hdetect. Here I gave NW the driver for the 2410SA
card. The system started without any problems. Next I wanted to try to
"recycle" the existing array. I connected the discs to the new controller.
After a restart NW started fine but when scanning the drives etc. it hung
up. Ok, I can imagine why this happens, but how can I fix it? The last thing
NW does is loading charset.nlm...

Is there a way to let NW now the new pathes to the volumes?